Assembling Your Spiritual Toolkit 
YES! I'm so excited to see you're interested in participating in the class... but is it for you?  YOU tell me! 
Take a look below and let me know if it's a good fit.
What is it exactly?
It's a 5-week live, tele-class designed to reboost your spiritual practice & creative process.  Your creative process doesn't stop with your work, it's every area of your life.  Your relationships, health, finance, and career are all part of the creative process; what kind of life are you creating
The entire class is done on the phone, so you'll need a good connection to actively participate.
What does it do?
It provides specific spiritual tools and practices you can integrate into your life to remove the blocks that prevent you from accessing your creative potential and aligning with your life's purpose.
Ok, how does it do that?
Through our weekly classes, videos, homework assignments and exercises. Participants also work with class-mates to stay on track and motivated.
Who is this class for?
This class is specifically designed for folks looking to deepen their spiritual practice; people who are interested in infusing spiritual principle into all avenues of living. This class is best suited for those who already have a spiritual practice and are looking to take it to the next level, but it's open to anyone who is willing to do the work.
How does it work?
  • Every week you dial into class.  Class includes an in-person lesson by me, Q+A's, group discussion and a walk-through of the homework assignment to be done during the week.  
  • An online support system is created by the way of a private Facebook Group, and in-person support by working with classmates.
  • A recording of each class is made available so you can review the class during the week or makeup the class if you couldn't dial-in live. 

This class really supported me in realigning with my life's purpose.  It's nice to feel back in the flow with a lot more clarity.  I feel refreshed, reignited, and totally inspired."  
Jeff , 30, Mindfulness Teacher, Artist, & Visionary

The only thing you need to begin this journey is WILLINGNESS.  
If you're ready for a new approach to life and are willing to do the work - then I promise you, your life will change!
If you're feeling resistant - that's actually a good sign, we usually resist the very thing that will support us the most.  I invite you to listen to your gut - it's the first step in harnassing the ability to clearly follow your Loving intuition.
Are you ready to release the feeling that you're not living up to your potential?
Are you excited to learn a new approach to life - one that's heart-centered and fulfilling?
Are you ready to do what you're here to do?!
Then welcome to the next great adventure in your life. 
cost: $150.00 (only $30 a week!)
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