#soulTALKS: Spiritual (practice) Makeover Month, week one

Makeover-iStock_000016480452SmallThis is Week One in our “Spiritual (practice) Makeover Month”.  In this #soulTALK we explore how we might be able to shift our priorities in order to support our commitment to LIVE IN LOVE.  Also, what excuses do we use to by-pass our spiritual practice for the day?  Loving discipline is nothing to be afraid of – in fact, the game starts to get really good when we implement it into our daily lives. Woohoo!


#soulTALKS: the HEART of the matter

images copyThe heart is the first organ to develop whole in the womb and as we grow it continues to pump blood to the rest of the body.  It also detoxifies and oxygenates the blood cells to support healthy body functions.  

Last week while speaking at Project: Service LA’s Heart Center it dawned on me that the heart was a perfect metaphor for our spiritual community (the HEART center).  When we gather together with friends to learn and practice spiritual principles it’s a lot like the detoxification and oxygenation process that takes place in the heart.  We’re releasing the negative or false beliefs we have as we remind ourselves that we’re perfect, whole, and complete RIGHT NOW.  Then recharged and inspired we go out into our community (body) and practice loving kindness which supports the healthy functioning of everything around us.

Check out the short clip from my talk this week as we continue to explore the metaphor of the Heart as a way to help us stay in our alignment with the Loving intentions we’ve created for our lives.  Let’s get to “the HEART of the matter”. 

#soulSOLUTIONS: A new approach to using affirmations that really work.

even-if-youre-on-the-right-track-youll-get-run-over-if-you-just-sit-there-heather-s-hustonOn the path to achieving goals we often have to learn a new way of moving through the world;  a way that’s aligned with the goals we create for ourselves.  It’s common to experience discomfort during the growing process. One valuable (and fun) tool I use to help me move through the discomfort is positive affirmations.  But it wasn’t until I made an important adjustment to my affirmations that they began to really work and supported me in creating new experiences.  This adjustment helped me expand my comfort zone and release a lot of my old self-defeating habits.

In this video you learn how to re-invent your affirmations and begin experiencing lasting results that leave you feeling on track and inspired.

#soulSOLUTIONS: are you prepared to achieve your goals?

How are those New Year’s Intentions coming along?

Last week we discussed 3 steps to creating palpable intentions that will get you started on a clear path towards achieving your goals for 2015.

They are:

1. Get clear on how you’d like to FEEL

2. Get clear on who you’d like to BE

3. Get clear on what you’d like to DO

heart center yoga page

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.05.37 AM




The process doesn’t stop here – there’s more to the game.

Are you prepared to achieve your goals? I was a MASTER at doing the inner-work when it came to this stuff.  I’d meditate and see myself as having all my dreams fulfilled.  My apartment walls were covered with vision boards and  sticky notes that had motivational quotes scribbled on them.  I was feeling SO excited … but WHY WASN’T ANYTHING HAPPENING?!

In this week’s video we explore the next step towards ACTUALIZING our goals.  I learned this process after years of getting an arms-length away from my goals without actually achieving them.  By applying this step I went from the kid on the street looking through the window of the toy store to the kid playing with Tonka Trucks (or Barbie Dolls if I’m keeping it real).

Watch this short video & learn the next valuable step…


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.36.22 AM

#soulSOLUTIONS: 3 steps to creating New Year’s INTENTIONS that work!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.52.26 PMResolutions are SO 2014 – this year let’s focus on creating New Year’s INTENTIONS that help us expand our vision of 2015.  In this video I share 3 easy steps I use to help me get clear as I move forward towards something I find really inspiring …


Like this video?  Then you’ll dig this one too!

Give your vision board a makeover – learn how to do it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4ijykShkIM&list=UUe8fu3n7-KbrSo6wF6LRgEA


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