Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

Spiritual Counseling
All healing is done at the level of the mind & LOVE is the only healer.
In order to experience lasting transformation, you must be willing to change your mind about your life.  In a Spiritual counseling session we work together to clear the blocks that are preventing you from experiencing peace and joy in your life NOW.  Walking the path with a friend can make the journey easier and more fun - that's one of the benefits in coming together to do this work.
In a counseling session together we can:
  • Clear old negative patterns
  • Heal false beliefs and align with Truth
  • Connect with Inspired Guidance
  • Activate physical, mental, emotional healing
  • Heal deep seated relationship issues
  • Release unforgiveness, regret and resentment
  • Clear negative habits and thoughts
  • Dissolve unworthiness
  • Heal patterns related to fear and guilt, blame and shame
  • identify the hidden beliefs that block your success
Cost: $100/per session
Note: I require a prelimary interview before working with counseling clients and strongly recommend 3 month minimum commitment to the process. 
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"Jesse's guidance has helped me grow confident in who I am.  I'm not afraid to live my truth.  I've changed negative thought patterns and have found solace in prayer. I feel and can see an incredible change within my life."
Brandon J,  artist/film-maker
Spiritual Life Coaching 
Working with the Universe to create a life you LOVE.
Coaching is an action oriented process that maps out specific 
steps designed to support you in accomplishing your career, relationship, and health goals.
Like counseling, we address the blocks that have been preventing you from feeling successful in the past. 
Then, we design a clear path towards your vision. 
During our coaching sessions we'll:
  • Access the vision that's emerging through you
  • Organize your inspired ideas so they work with eachother, enhancing the experience instead of causing overwhelm
  • Get clarity on what's supporting you in your creative process and what's a distraction
  • Set weekly goals that help you create and sustain momentum
  • Incorporate Spiritual tools that support your process
  • Develop systems of accountability to help you stay focused and on track
  • Mark your progress in exciting and supportive ways 
  • Begin writing your success story 
"Jesse has helped me achieve an amazing transformation.  He's masterful at motivation and he makes it feel safe to get out of my comfort zone." 
 Larry B.
Marketing Executive

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Coaching packages

Coaching Package,
3 months
Coaching Package,
1 month intensive
Coaching Session
  • We'll connect at least once a week:
Weekly 60 minute calls on the phone or Skype + optional check-in calls to keep up-to-date with your progress.
Cost: $1200.00
*Bonus: Receive a FREE Spiritual Counseling Session when you purchase this package - Creative blocks be gone!
(totally optional - my gift to you)
Get the ball rolling!
  • We'll connect at least once a week:
Four 60 minute calls in the month + optional check-in calls to keep-up-to-date with your progress.
Cost: $425.00
Looking for support in getting clear?
This 75 minute coaching call will help you align with the inspired ideas that are emerging through you and we'll create some tangible steps to take towards your goals.
This is a great way to get motivated and stay on track.
Cost: $111.00

Let 's create something great.
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Practicing ​kindness activates the awareness of Love's presence in your life.  ​
And since we're all one, your happiness literally contributes to the
well being of all.
...and that's Om-AZING.