How to LOVE your enemy.

How to LOVE your enemy.

images-5The first step in loving your enemies is to completely release the belief that you can have enemies.  A characteristic of victim-thinking is the belief that people or institutions are out to get you.  If you are just willing to embrace the possibility that everything happens FOR you and not “to” you, then you are on the path towards empowerment.  Every challenge you experience is designed to support your spiritual awakening.  Your spiritual intelligence has got your back and always knows what’s  best for you; it’s constantly creating opportunity after opportunity for you to step into unconditional love, often times by placing someone in front of you that feels like your enemy.

If you encounter someone who upsets you, GREAT, it’s an opportunity to realize that you’re believing something that isn’t true!  Think of this life as your journey back to LOVE (even though you’ve never really left).  When you’re in upset you have the opportunity to look at the thoughts that are making you upset.  Thank goodness there’s an ample amount of people who can seem to piss you off or annoy you; they’re providing you with opportunities to realign our thinking with LOVE.  That’s why you get to love your “enemies” – because they’re not your enemies at all!  Thinking that someone is your enemy is just a judgment.  Really, they’re our teachers – reminding us to remember love… even when it feels impossible to do so.

I’m no dummy.  I understand that on a global scale it appears that there are groups that would like to destroy our country and culture.  This provides us the opportunity as individual citizens and as a country to practice compassion and understanding.  What could drive people to the place where killing others is the seems like the best way to resolve their pain and upset?  Do you feel personally responsible for their pain?  I’m guessing you don’t, so why  should we make them responsible for ours?  Acts of violence never come from a loving place, it comes from a places of pain and confusion.

Unconditional love means to love without conditions.  So I invite you to ask yourself – who are you not loving?  

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