Full Teachings:

Embracing the Feminine

The Success Myth

It's all happening for you. (No, really.)

How to use spiritual community as a tool for healing

TRUE Abundance w/ Guest Teacher Rev Candice Gee pt 1

Choosing a spiritual path that's right for you (clip)

TRUE Abundance w/ Guest Teacher Rev Candice Gee pt 2

A tip for practicing non-judgment

True Prosperity

How to stay peaceful at the peace rally (clip)

A few tips for the mindful activist

The Best Case Scenario (clip)

2017 Manifestation Series - week four: Trust

2017 Manifestation Series - week 3: Goal Setting 

Don't worry about HOW it's going to happen (clip)

Get clear on how you'd like to feel (clip)

2017 Manifestation Series - week two: How Would I Like to Feel?

Clearing the space (clip)

2017 Manifestation Series - week one: Clearing the Space

Learning to listen to one another

This lil light of mine

I went from hating the holidays to LOVING this time of year.

A new way of looking at the Nativity Story

Life shows up
(duel teaching w/ Rev. Alfreda Lanoix)

Gratitdue with attitude
(duel teaching w/ Rev. Alfreda Lanoix)

What you withhold will be withheld from you

Moving forward as a united nation

Inspired Voices perform Seasons of Love

Moving beyond hope

Staying peaceful - no matter who's in the White House

Loving your enemy

Learning to forgive yourself

Self Forgiveness w/ guest Rev. Roxie Benson

How to create more peace, love & prosperity...

Peace - it's an inside job

Take your abundance to the next level

LOVE is your profession

A new way of looking at your life's purpose

You are what you believe you are