Who’s Your FFF?! (Fitness Friend Forever)

Who’s Your FFF?! (Fitness Friend Forever)

dwayne and kerryI can’t exercise alone, I’m not designed that way.  I require a level of social interaction and friendly competition while working on my fitness goals.  That’s why I LOVE taking classes.  In class I have a tribe, a group of people who are there with me in the trenches.  I always bring a friend when I am exercising at the gym.  My workout partner helps me stay focused and motivated and if I’m being 100% honest, it can also distract me from the monotony of weight training!

I book almost all my personal training clients in pairs now.  My clients appreciate the built-in workout partner I provide them with because it gives them extra incentive to show up to their sessions; they don’t want to let down their gym buddy.Mary and Alegre

I encourage everyone to get a FFF – a Fitness Friend Forever.  If getting to the gym is a challenge, this is a great way to give yourself the extra push you need to show up.  Anyone who has a workout partner will tell you that your time together is more than just fitness, it’s therapy!  So, not only are you working on strengthening your body … you’re “working out” life’s challenges too!

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